Northeastern Oklahoma Earth

It's all about the land!

Getting Started!

This site has been my dream and plan for a very long time. All the topics contained in this site are important topics of education and interesting to me. Not being a pure scientist (or, at most an amateur scientist), I rely on the experts to provide the content and my intended role is to put together overviews on each topic and to provide links to more detailed and comprehensive information.

Here is a general description of the main pages included in this website. These will evolve as I figure out what I'm doing and each page may contain sub-pages. This is an area that I'm especially interested in your feedback on.

While the information on the regular pages will be updated periodically (after it's completed), the main place for updates is my Blog. It has the extra advantage of being updatable from the field. The topic of the blog will primarily be geology and it will be less limited to Northeastern Oklahoma.

Biota - Northeastern Oklahoma is located in the middle of the transition zone between east and west and, therefore has a great diversity in the plants and animals that live here.

Geology - This page will contain a VERY brief overview of geological theory--just enough to be able to understand the description of the evolution of northeastern Oklahoma's geological history. But, geology being of special interest to me, look for this page to

Meteorology - Oklahoma's weather is notoriously fickle and this page will try to explain a little about the dominant weather systems of northeastern Oklahoma.

Water Systems - Oklahoma has many man-made lakes and this page will discuss the limnology of those lakes as well as natural lakes. It will also cover riparian systems of northeastern Oklahoma.

Because none of the systems discussed on this website observe map lines and boundries, the discussions are not strictly limited to one geographical area. Weather systems, for example don't stop at the Oklahoma line and neither will the discussions.

Click here for the Northeastern Oklahoma Earth blog.

Webmaster's Call

Do you have a site that deals with northeastern Oklahoma or any of the topics covered on this website? If so, I am interested in talking to you.

If your site is about, for example meteorology, it need not be specifically about the weather patterns of northeastern Oklahoma. I will soon provide information on how to contact me and I will be happy to link to any credible site that deals with any topic related to the earth sciences.